Phoenix, AZ

Beth's friend inherited a condo in Phoenix and said we could use it anytime. That time came the weekend of my 43rd birthday.

No broadband connection (Mom)? Then you might want to load all photos at once, then come back in 5 minutes.

We wandered in the desert after our oxen died. The condo was a tad rustic and hard to get to. Beth & Veronica kept a good attitude, though. Matching Outfits helped morale.

We made our own totem pole.

Chillin' in the baby bucket.

Scottsdale is the place for equine statuary.

Jacqueline tried to replace a tile that fell off this statue.

Jacqueline got a sombrero and a cafe.

We saw goats, prarie dogs, and more prarie dogs.

We visited an ersatz western town where we saw Pistol Packin' Paula. (She has her own rootin' and possibly tootin' website.)

Jackie rode a burro, and petted baby goats. A goat ate her pants.

Mom & Jackie rode a steam train. Dad & Jackie rode a stagecoach.

We visited Sedona, where New Age meets good ol' fashion B.S. Someone makes a living doing this, and this. The bathrooms are nice, though.

Jacqueline had a lot of fun playing with a vinyl curtain.
Curtain 2   Curtain 3   Curtain 4   Curtain 5   Curtain 6   Curtain 7   Curtain 8   Curtain 9

We got pretty tired, and some of us fell asleep.